Updated Order Management

Beginning today, DigiFabster clients can retrieve orders that were started, but not finished. Using the new “Abandoned Carts” tab on the back-office dashboard, they can see all instances where a cart has been abandoned, see the details of each job, send a new offer to the end-user, and document the reason why the cart was abandoned (price, timing, capabilities, etc.)


As part of this update, several new features were added to improve order management:

  • Drafts — Estimators and other site administrators can now create a quote and save it as a draft, allowing them to review and update a job before converting it into an order

  • Order page — The layout of the main order page of the dashboard has now been revamped to show all aspects of each order.

  • Payment link — Each job now includes a payment link, which allows shops to quickly and easily send their clients a link they can use to pay for offline projects via credit card

  • Repeat order button — using this new feature, DigiFabster customers can “clone” orders to support a repeat order or to significantly modify an initial order

Learn more here https://blog.digifabster.com/digifabster-launches-new-features-to-improve-ecommerce-conversion-cadb77d00c15