DigiFabster changelog
DigiFabster changelog

Price Matching For Turning And More




We have a few new features and enhancements that we are excited to share.

Price Matching for Turning

We have added turning to our available technologies for Price Matching. The workflow is the same as it is for milling and other technologies. You provide 10 models with associated prices, and we provide the material and machine settings to match those provided prices

One-Time Password (OTP):

You don't need to enter a password to log in anymore. You can enter your email, and we will send an activation code to that email. You then copy and paste into the window, and you are in! OTP can be enabled in the company settings.

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Now all the PDF documents (invoices, packing slips, etc.) can be managed via the admin panel with the help of pseudo-elements. This means you can easily specify changes with your DigiFabster representative.

New Advanced Features Page:

We have updated the Advanced Features Page. It now has a much cleaner look and displays only relevant add-ons.