Order Flow Updates

Order Statuses Changes

  1. 3 Statuses Introduced: Firm offer sent, Waiting for payment (returned back), Free for manufacturing.
  2. After we got payment from online acquiring (Stripe/Paypal) and status is Waiting for payment order will receive status Free for manufacturing.
  3. User now receives payment/offer link when order gets status Firm offer sent, Placed or Waiting for Payment.
  4. Any combination of order/payment status is possible, interface automatically sets Free for manufacturing if you change Payment status to Paid and current status is Waiting for payment.

Offer flow changes

After submitting order to review user are redirected to Budget offer page which allows not to generate PDF-document for offer.

On backend side there’s new button “Send firm offer” which allows to send updated offer to customer and confirm its price.

Client receives an email with link to firm offer which he can confirm back and pay online OR generate invoice.

Documents and their differences

  1. “Generate offer” button on widget side generates different types of document based on status:
  • When status is “Waiting for review” document will be titled “Budget offer”;
  • When status is “Firm offer sent” document will be titled “Firm offer”;
  • When order has any other status document will become an invoice or PO/Pro forma based on company settings. All documents include VAT/Sales Tax besides PO/Pro forma document which comes with Tax excluded. Remember that PO/Pro forma title is customizable for your company.

2. Offers has ‘Expiry date’ line which shows date of offer + 14 days (this period is customizable, trade credit in days). Invoices has ‘Due date’ line instead which shows date of invoice + 14 days (this period is customizable, trade credit in days).