Let us tweak your "sanity check"

Our file repair program, as a rule, does a good job, but sometimes it's overeager and creates objects which are manifold but much smaller than intended by the designer. DigiFabster has a sanity check built-in, which by default stops files being quoted if the model volume is less than 2% of the bounding box volume. If that happens the widget shows "Needs manual review (volume may be incorrect)"

This value of 2% was found after empirical testing of 100's of files, but it may very well be that it's too high for your customers. If they are, for example, regularly designing screen filters in a frame, you may be confronted with a lot of Manual Check requests.

If after checking you find that most of the files we stop because of the sanity check are valid, you can ask us to set up a new, lower, threshold value.