Updated Order Management

Beginning today, DigiFabster clients can retrieve orders that were started, but not finished. Using the new “Abandoned Carts” tab on the back-office dashboard, they can see all instances where a cart has been abandoned, see the details of each job, send a new offer to the end-user, and document the reason why the cart was abandoned (price, timing, capabilities, etc.)


As part of this update, several new features were added to improve order management:

  • Drafts — Estimators and other site administrators can now create a quote and save it as a draft, allowing them to review and update a job before converting it into an order

  • Order page — The layout of the main order page of the dashboard has now been revamped to show all aspects of each order.

  • Payment link — Each job now includes a payment link, which allows shops to quickly and easily send their clients a link they can use to pay for offline projects via credit card

  • Repeat order button — using this new feature, DigiFabster customers can “clone” orders to support a repeat order or to significantly modify an initial order

Learn more here https://blog.digifabster.com/digifabster-launches-new-features-to-improve-ecommerce-conversion-cadb77d00c15

Thai Baht added

The Thai national currency, the Baht (THB,฿) was added.

Sanity check update

Models the volume of which is bigger than the volume of their bounding box, for example, because it contains multiple copies of the same shell, are now refused for calculation. The widget will show that there is a problem with the volume.

Manual review routine now with threshold value.

You can now set up a threshold for your manual review. Using the threshold you can let small orders be handled by the system, while still keeping full control over the bigger ones. Details you can find here: http://help.digifabster.com/features/setting-up-the-manual-review-threshold Hope this helps:-)

Tax-free sales within the EU

For Business users the following option is now available: If the end user indicates that he represents a company and If the end user indicates that his address is in another EU country from the Seller and If the end user fills out his VAT number, then the invoice will be generated with 0% VAT.

Let us tweak your "sanity check"

Our file repair program, as a rule, does a good job, but sometimes it's overeager and creates objects which are manifold but much smaller than intended by the designer. DigiFabster has a sanity check built-in, which by default stops files being quoted if the model volume is less than 2% of the bounding box volume. If that happens the widget shows "Needs manual review (volume may be incorrect)"

This value of 2% was found after empirical testing of 100's of files, but it may very well be that it's too high for your customers. If they are, for example, regularly designing screen filters in a frame, you may be confronted with a lot of Manual Check requests.

If after checking you find that most of the files we stop because of the sanity check are valid, you can ask us to set up a new, lower, threshold value.

Improved first page

The first page of the widget has gotten a facelift:


  1. Your logo will be shown on the widget itself.
  2. Access to end-user account has been made more explicit.
  3. By placing the unit selector above the upload box, we hope to reduce the instances of people uploading in the wrong units of measurement and then getting stuck.
  4. End-users can upload from their own library. This is faster and more convenient in case of repeat orders. Please note: If you changed the printer's speed in the meantime, the quote will not correctly reflect the changed print time.

Processed STEP and IGES files now correctly archived.

The following issue has been solved: When a multi-upload contained .stp or .igs files, the "download repaired models" button would archive and download not the repaired and converted .stl mesh files, but the original CAD files. That has now been corrected.

Shipment tracking number field now 255 characters.

After client feedback on our introduction of the shipment tracking number field for insertion in status update emails, we have enlarged the field to 255 characters. This means that most, if not all, hyperlinks to shipments can be copied to the field and send to the end-user.

STEP to .stl tesselation deviation set to 20 micron

We introduced .stp and .step integration in DigiFabster a few weeks ago. User feedback helped us to understand that the STEP to .stl export setting was coarse: on curved surfaces the mesh structure was visible. The deviation is now set at 20 microns, which, we think, is a good compromise between accuracy and file size (=speed).

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