Feature Recognition for CNC: Taps and Drills

To further assist machine shops in accurately calculating their costs, we added a rich feature recognition for STEP files of cylindrical shape. You can charge customers for radial and coaxial taps or drills along with reductions. Each type of features can be assigned in the widget user interface.

Reach out to us to activate this feature.

Materials | DigiFabster 2019-08-07-09-07-59.png

PDF Drawings

Users can now add PDFs when they place their order. This allows them to include drawings and other renderings that provide additional data for estimating and production.


Reach out to us to activate this feature.

Fully Customizable Widget

We've further improved the functionality of the widget so that DigiFabster clients can further customize how it's displayed. With our improved customized style sheet (CSS), website administrators can now choose to hide or show any of the fields, dropdowns, text and other elements displayed on the screen.

Feel free to ping us if you want to make any changes in your widget.

Round Way Shipping

This new feature allows customers to offer two-way shipment (from and back to their facility.) When selected, the shipping cost is doubled, and a "round way" label is added in brackets at the end of the string.


Programming Cost for CNC

Administrators now have even more control over how CNC jobs are priced. This new set of tools allows them to add almost any rule to determine how startup costs are calculated. Further, we've added fields that allow CNC shops to determine programming costs to account for the time and expense associated with generating machine code for a given model.


FedEx Shipping

FedEx now fully available on the platform. Ship with real prices all over the world.


We’ve made a bunch of other improvements, including:

  • Support for inches in the price tweaker — you can now use imperial or metric sizes to describe part size

  • Chinese translation — DigiFabster now offers built-in translation for Chinese characters 🇨🇳

  • Faster loading clients page — we’ve streamlined page load times for end users

  • Wall thickness highlights — clients can now adjust the highlights we display for wall thickness

In addition to the above, DigiFabster has made other bug fixes and enhancements to the software.

Order Prioritization

We’ve added a separate column to the list of orders that allows our customers to prioritize specific line items.


Customizable Packing Lists

This new feature allows users to highlight important priorities for their quality control departments, ensuring that jobs shipped to customers meet or exceed their expectations.


Editable Client Notes

In an effort to improve the quality of order information and the overall experience with end users, we continue to improve our workflow. In the most recent example, we’ve made the client notes section editable, so you can change the comments you share with your customers.


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