DigiFabster changelog
DigiFabster changelog

Price Matching For Turning And More




We have a few new features and enhancements that we are excited to share.

Price Matching for Turning

We have added turning to our available technologies for Price Matching. The workflow is the same as it is for milling and other technologies. You provide 10 models with associated prices, and we provide the material and machine settings to match those provided prices

One-Time Password (OTP):

You don't need to enter a password to log in anymore. You can enter your email, and we will send an activation code to that email. You then copy and paste into the window, and you are in! OTP can be enabled in the company settings.

image (17).png


Now all the PDF documents (invoices, packing slips, etc.) can be managed via the admin panel with the help of pseudo-elements. This means you can easily specify changes with your DigiFabster representative.

New Advanced Features Page:

We have updated the Advanced Features Page. It now has a much cleaner look and displays only relevant add-ons.


Flexible Sign In For Your Customers

We have added more flexibility to your implementation options. You can now let your customers see pricing for their parts without needing to log in. Login will only be required when users add the part to their cart. This login option can easily be configured in your company settings, and there are two options:

  1. Request login when a user uploads a model
  2. Request login when a user adds a model to the cart

image (14).png

Additional product enhancements recently released:

Any-type Files Users can see a preview regardless of file type when they upload a file. Additionally, you can make technical drawings optional for non-CAD models.

image (15).png

User Email:

The user's email address that is logged in can now be seen in the upper right corner.

image (16).png

Order Filter

You can now filter orders by payment status.

Non-CAD Files Support

This feature has been anticipated for years and now it’s finally here: NON-CAD FILES SUPPORT.

This new feature allows your customers to upload literally any file format you can think of. The coolest part of it all, those files can be seamlessly added to the order.

Check out this short video of this new feature!

To enable this feature, simply email our team letting us know what file types you'd like to accept from your customers and we'll take care of the rest (yes, it's that easy).

And dtay tuned because additional non-CAD file features are in the works and will be launched in the near future!

Several Months of Exciting Updates

Hand up; we need to better inform you of our ongoing updates to DigiFabster. We have new product enhancements regularly, and we will post those changes here.

We have many additional fixes and enhancements but here are some of the greatest hits from the last several months:

Promo codes:

We finally delivered the Promo codes feature to our New Widget! End-users can apply promo codes to the order to get a discount.If there's any other discount applied to a user or company, this info will be also shown on the widget.

Shipping price

Now shipping price is displayed and included in the Total price on the order page right after the delivery option is selected.

Ask for help

Previously a user had to encounter an error first to see the "Ask for help" link. Now, this link is always shown on the widget right below the confirmation button. This link will open up a pop-up window with a model attached if it's clicked on the Cart page or will direct a user to write an email if it's clicked on the Order/Payment page.

New preselection mode

What's wrong with the old one? The problem occurs when there are too many materials for 3D printing, and a user has to select a material without knowing which one can be used for their particular model. This lead to a point where a user gets errors every time until he finds suitable material.

This new mode, called Full Preselection, was created to allow you to hide all unusable materials for 3D printing and CNC machines. The current mode was renamed to "Preselection (CNC only)"; when enabled, It will display usable materials for CNC machines only. See pic below.

If you want to switch to Full Preselection Mode, go to Materials Selection in the back-office (Company Settings) or you the admin panel.

Full Preselection.jpg

Preselection CNC Only.jpg

New errors layout

Errors were inconsistent, displayed in 3 different places, and sometimes had incorrect wording. All of this was fixed, and now all the errors are shown in the same place instead of pricing. See the "old workflow" image below to see the issue. The new Full Preselection mode will allow you to avoid errors. The only case in which you can get an error is when no suitable materials are available.

Current Errors.jpg

New Errors.jpg

PDF Customization

Now all the PDF documents can be customized by your DigiFabster AE.

For example, we can show the PO number in packing slips or client notes in invoices, hide anything you want, change color, font size, and pretty much anything. This enhancement works with invoices, Pro-forma invoices, and packing slips.

New DigiFabster e-Commerce

Release of Our New e-Commerce Tool

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new e-Commerce tool! We value our customer's input and this input went a long way in designing our new tool.

Increase Conversion

The release of our new eCommerce tool offers shops a plug-and-play platform optimized for all screen sizes at full scale, with a modern interface and 3-step ordering process designed to increase customer conversion.


New DigiFabster with Quickbooks Desktop integration

The integration between DigiFabster's quoting and e-commerce software and QuickBooks Desktop opens a two-way communication that syncs customer info instantly. This means less time spent reconciling customer info to QuickBooks Desktop and streamlining bookkeeping for manufacturers.


New Customer Satisfaction Feature





Automatically send your customers a post-order follow-up survey to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Was the order received on time? Did the parts meet their expectations? Export survey results to CSV to gather timely feedback and improve customer experience.


*Quality Assurance Follow Up module is available for Growth plan subscriptions and higher. The price starts at $100/month

Salesforce.com Integration





DigiFabster has created an integration with Salesforce.com (SFDC). Shops can now track orders and quote requests directly in SFDC. Every time a customer orders, DigiFabster will automatically send the data to your customer record in SFDC preventing the need to copy and paste data manually.


Ability to update user and order info details of placed order





Accidently create an order under your shop’s account instead of a customer? You are now able to assign an order to the right customer by clicking on the customer information on the order page.


Flexible pricing and settings for taps & holes in STEP files





DigiFabster has improved our feature recognition allowing you to better assign startup costs and per hole costs when machining part.