DigiFabster changelog
DigiFabster changelog

New Customer Satisfaction Feature





Automatically send your customers a post-order follow-up survey to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Was the order received on time? Did the parts meet their expectations? Export survey results to CSV to gather timely feedback and improve customer experience.


*Quality Assurance Follow Up module is available for Growth plan subscriptions and higher. The price starts at $100/month

Salesforce.com Integration





DigiFabster has created an integration with Salesforce.com (SFDC). Shops can now track orders and quote requests directly in SFDC. Every time a customer orders, DigiFabster will automatically send the data to your customer record in SFDC preventing the need to copy and paste data manually.


Ability to update user and order info details of placed order





Accidently create an order under your shop’s account instead of a customer? You are now able to assign an order to the right customer by clicking on the customer information on the order page.


Flexible pricing and settings for taps & holes in STEP files





DigiFabster has improved our feature recognition allowing you to better assign startup costs and per hole costs when machining part.

Richer order CSV exports





Do you need to know what the shipping cost for an order placed a year ago was? You can now find out, in detail. The newest update breaks pricing up allowing you to be more informed on the cost and profit for each order. Exporting your orders as a CSV breaks the price into machine price, post-production price, priority price, tax, and shipping.


Ability to sync orders manually to Xero





Now you are able to sync all your orders both manually and automatically.

Support of rich text and formats in internal notes





Management Console | DigiFabster 2020-11-16 10-59-03.png

Customizable Order Status Notifications





Management Console | DigiFabster 2020-03-23 10-41-19.png

Now you are able not just to customize the content of all of your order updates emails but also customize what events trigger a notification.

Before, your customers received an email on every status update which sometimes may lead to an overwhelming big amount of messages. Now you can pick what updates you want to tell your clients about.

To active this feature in your account, please reach out to us and provide a list of pair status updates that you'd like to have emails for, for example: placed -> waiting for payment; waiting for payment -> manufacturing etc.

New Sales Dashboard





The new sales dashboard allows you to keep track of your sales in real-time, see historical data, revenue, orders and volume by clients and much more.

Feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about the new tool.


Xero Integration





DigiFabster now has one-click integration with Xero -- web-based accounting software.