Customizable Order Status Notifications

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Now you are able not just to customize the content of all of your order updates emails but also customize what events trigger a notification.

Before, your customers received an email on every status update which sometimes may lead to an overwhelming big amount of messages. Now you can pick what updates you want to tell your clients about.

To active this feature in your account, please reach out to us and provide a list of pair status updates that you'd like to have emails for, for example: placed -> waiting for payment; waiting for payment -> manufacturing etc.

New Sales Dashboard

The new sales dashboard allows you to keep track of your sales in real-time, see historical data, revenue, orders and volume by clients and much more.

Feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about the new tool.


Xero Integration

DigiFabster now has one-click integration with Xero -- web-based accounting software.


CNC Update: Lathe, cylinders recognition, programming cost

With the latest update, our instant quotation technology fully supports the turning machining process, as well as the recognition of cylindrical models suitable for this technology. 

Full support of programming costs for CNC also has been added with the latest release.

Multiple Packing List & Invoice Download

Now you can download multiple packing lists and invoices right from the order management screen.

Orders | DigiFabster 2020-03-02 09-32-48.png


Added support of Arabic language and updated Spanish translation.

DXF File Format Support

Along with our extension to support cutting services such as laser cutting, water jet, plotter we now support .DXF file format.


New Sanity Check Rule

We added an ability to use custom sanity checks to force models into manual review flow based on your own rules.

New Algorithm for WRL files

We deployed the new algorithm for WRL files, significantly increased number of supported files and doubled speed of conversion.

PayFast Payment Method Support

Now we support PayFast payment system for South Africa companies.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you'd like to add this system.