Sorting Technologies now possible

If the default order of technologies on your widget doesn't suit you, you can ask the help desk to change it for you.

If this is what you started with:

and you want more focus on your specialty, which is direct cast tin soldiers, just let us know, it will take 5 minutes to change it to this:

Editing Technologies.

With the assistance of our Helpdesk, you can now change the picture and description of the available technologies. Example: Your specialty is unique or short-series tin soldiers and you use high temp resin (SLA technology) to make the molds. The default picture and description would be this:

which is nice, but hardly relevant for your customers.

Much better is this: .

To get those changes, all you have to do is to contact our help desk through the back office chat and send them the texts and the picture you want to appear in the widget.

Swedish language added

Your customers can now choose the Swedish language on the DigiFabster widget here: Thanks, Lamin!

Change due date in invoices

Up until now the due date on the invoices, generated by DigiFabster's back office, was the invoice date plus 14. So an invoice generated on September 1 would have a due date of September 14.

Now you can set up the due date by default here:

An input of 0, like in the example, will give this result: You can also change the due date on individual invoices here: In this way, you can make sure your invoices fit both your general terms and conditions and the payment conditions negotiated with individual customers.

Price tweaking tool

Given the flexibility and the literally unlimited number of pricing options you can use in DigiFabster, it can get confusing. One of the complicating factors is that input of pricing data and output, in the form of a quote, are divided between several Materials pages in the back office, on the one hand, and the widget, on the other.

We’ve now put all data, both input and output, in one tool,

on one page. This way you won’t have to flip backward and forward to see the effect a parameter like “price per cm3 of the bounding box” will have: It’s all there, on one page: model, its geometrical data, printer, material, and pricing options, plus the price you get when you apply those options.

"Model too big" repositioning

When models are uploaded, they are posistioned in the printer according to the orientation given to them by the designer. Printer sizes are given in the back end, under "Materials/Printers" The sizes are understood as length (x) x depth (y) x height (z), looking from the operator's point of view. If an oblong object is loaded, and the printer has an oblong form, it may so happen that the model doesn't fit at first glance. Let's say the printer has an x of 200, an y of 150, and a z of 150, and the model has an x of 100, an y of 160 and an z of 100: It will not fit on the y axis (150<160).

If, however, the model is twisted two times by 45 degrees (=90 degrees) around the z axis, everthing will fit: 200>160, 150>100, 150>100, and a quote can be generated.

In fact a new model has been created, so it gets a new name ending, which is made up of the movements and the axes involved _z-90 in this case. :

Submission of quote before final order

Some end users (and printer owners) prefer to make sure of the correctness of the quote generated before committing. There is a new feature in the back end, on the company page, where this can be set up. If activated the end user will see this at the end of the quotation process:

You can check the order on the Order page, change the price or contact the client. When you're satisfied, just flip the order status to "Waiting for Payment" and your customer gets an email with a payment link. More details here.

Leads Announcement

Today we launch Leads Announcement feature, which help you always to be informed about requests for quotes from your customers. You can choose between daily or weekly reports to your email on Company page.

Polish language

Polish has been added as one of the widget's languages.

Follow up emails to end users

End users get follow up emails 15 minutes and 24 hours after they've abandoned their shopping cart (step 3). For the moment this feauture is free and can't be switched off. Updates to follow.

No published changelogs yet.

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