We’ve made a bunch of other improvements, including:

  • Support for inches in the price tweaker — you can now use imperial or metric sizes to describe part size

  • Chinese translation — DigiFabster now offers built-in translation for Chinese characters 🇨🇳

  • Faster loading clients page — we’ve streamlined page load times for end users

  • Wall thickness highlights — clients can now adjust the highlights we display for wall thickness

In addition to the above, DigiFabster has made other bug fixes and enhancements to the software.

Order Prioritization

We’ve added a separate column to the list of orders that allows our customers to prioritize specific line items.


Customizable Packing Lists

This new feature allows users to highlight important priorities for their quality control departments, ensuring that jobs shipped to customers meet or exceed their expectations.


Editable Client Notes

In an effort to improve the quality of order information and the overall experience with end users, we continue to improve our workflow. In the most recent example, we’ve made the client notes section editable, so you can change the comments you share with your customers.


Bulk Invoice Generation

DigiFabster users can now save time by bulk generating invoices for multiple orders. To do this, they can simply go to the list of orders and click the new “Get Invoices” button which appears at the top right side of the page.


Minimal Parts Size

We’ve modernized our validation system to test for minimal part size. Based on the settings of individual 3D printing or CNC machines, it’s now possible to specify the minimum allowable size for the X, Y and Z axis


Full Color 3D Viewer

With the recent release of new 3D printers from HP and Mimaki, full color is becoming more affordable. New formats like 3MF allow end users to designate color in their files. So we upgraded DigiFabster’s 3D viewer to display in full color. Now customers can feel even more confident that what they see on the screen is what they’ll receive in print.


Support for Canadian Provinces

To help our North American customers get more precise data, we’ve added a field to our address module that allows end-users to select the correct Candian province 🇨🇦.

Editable Prices


This completely new tool allows internal users to flexibly manage pricing once an order is placed. Now almost all cost centers including quantity, startup cost, production, post processing and delivery can be modified after an order is received. Shops can communicate the revisions by sending a new offer online, or by generating a PDF invoice. This feature is available for all types of orders, whether they originated through DigiFabster's online widget, or through our internal quotation tool.

Editable End-User Data


Whether an employee leaves or there's a change in responsibility, turnover is a reality in business. To account for this, DigiFabster has updated the functionality of it's CRM application, now allowing site administrators to modify end-user data. This enables our clients to quickly change contact information and other details for any customer record.

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