DXF File Format Support

Along with our extension to support cutting services such as laser cutting, water jet, plotter we now support .DXF file format.


New Sanity Check Rule

We added an ability to use custom sanity checks to force models into manual review flow based on your own rules.

New Algorithm for WRL files

We deployed the new algorithm for WRL files, significantly increased number of supported files and doubled speed of conversion.

PayFast Payment Method Support

Now we support PayFast payment system for South Africa companies.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you'd like to add this system.


Over 15 New Payment Methods Support

Our payment system is upgraded to support the latest Stripe checkout requirements. Safer transactions with 3D Secure. Now we are able to add more payment systems supported by Stripe per your request. We support payment methods such as Alipay, Bancontact, iDeal, SEPA and much more.

Reach out to us to learn more.

Stripe: A guide to payment methods 2019-12-02 08-20-32.png

New TBD (To Be Discussed) Mode

We introduce the new TBD mode for those who prefer to hide automated prices but still want to leverage the e-commerce platform and get orders. Offer your customers all manufacturing options but don’t hesitate about price correctness.

WideWidgetPrice3colsTweakTBD.png WideWidgetSummaryTBD.png

Improved Tax Calculation

To better support our U.S. customers with multiple locations, we've modified our tax calculation tools to automatically calculate tax anywhere they have a location (tax nexus.)

Shipment Label Generation

To improve how round-way shipments are handled, we've enabled an option to generate shipping labels for that type of fulfillment

Company Management | DigiFabster 2019-10-07-10-48-45.png

Post-Production Minimums

To further automate and enhance costing for post-production, we added a feature that allows administrators to set a minimum price for additional services provided once a part is produced.

Materials | DigiFabster 2019-10-07-10-43-29.png

Cutting Services Support

DigiFabster is pleased to announce that we now support digital cutting services. Whether you're using a laser cutter, water jet, plotter or any other type automated cutter, you can now utilize our software to automate your quotes, orders and project management. While we have initially launched with support for .STL only, we will soon be adding .DXF as another file format option.