Complexity Bracketing of CNC machining

CNC users now have a way of calculating complexity, in up to five categories ranging from "very simple" to "very hard." Customers can set the parameter for each "complexity bracket" based on their own analysis of cycle time.

Models in all categories are provided, but our clients can also upload their own sample models to better represent the type of work they receive from their end users.

This feature available during the machine&material setup here.

Materials _ DigiFabster 2019-04-09 00-53-21.png

Purchase Order Payment Method

Purchase Order feature can be enabled with toggle in Order & Payment section.

See details here

Adding Services Available in In-house Quote Tool

Our team is working on adding more flexibility to the In-house Quote Tool. We just added an option to add services such as "engineering, packaging etc" while you quote your customers. More updates are coming next week. Stay tuned!

Quotation Tool | DigiFabster 2019-03-13 17-33-52.png

Payment Time

Now you're able to see the time when the order has been paid. That works in both cases when a customer made a payment through the online payment method and if you change the status manually.

screencast 2019-03-13 17-35-17.gif

Upload Models Status Update

We improved the visibility of the internal processes when you are uploading the 3d models. You can see what happens with the uploaded model if any errors there or everything is good to go.

My Company | 3D Printing Price Calculator 2019-02-18 08-46-17.png

My Company | 3D Printing Price Calculator 2019-02-18 08-47-04.png

My Company | 3D Printing Price Calculator 2019-02-18 12-46-44.png

Design For Manufacturing (DFM) Wall Thickness Check

One of the key features of DigiFabster is its ability to pre-check files before they are submitted as orders. We're constantly working to improve this capability. Recently we implemented a new procedure to test for wall thickness issues.

screencast 2019-02-18 08-49-25.gif

Shipping Label Generation

We have partnered with EasyPost, enabling DigiFabster customers to automatically calculate the cost of shipping and quickly generate a shipping label.


To utilize this new feature, customers must first create an account with EasyPost and provide us with a unique API key (which EasyPost provides.) The cost of this feature is $40 (USD) per month. To learn more about automatic shipping label generation, click HERE.

Manual Part Orientation

This new capability allows job shops owners to manually change the orientation of the parts. This enables you to reposition parts to improve overall part strength or solve issues related to geometry. Once the part is uploaded in the DigiFabster Quick Quote Tool, you can simply rotate along the "X" "Y" or "Z" axis.


Order Flow Updates

Order Statuses Changes

  1. 3 Statuses Introduced: Firm offer sent, Waiting for payment (returned back), Free for manufacturing.
  2. After we got payment from online acquiring (Stripe/Paypal) and status is Waiting for payment order will receive status Free for manufacturing.
  3. User now receives payment/offer link when order gets status Firm offer sent, Placed or Waiting for Payment.
  4. Any combination of order/payment status is possible, interface automatically sets Free for manufacturing if you change Payment status to Paid and current status is Waiting for payment.

Offer flow changes

After submitting order to review user are redirected to Budget offer page which allows not to generate PDF-document for offer.

On backend side there’s new button “Send firm offer” which allows to send updated offer to customer and confirm its price.

Client receives an email with link to firm offer which he can confirm back and pay online OR generate invoice.

Documents and their differences

  1. “Generate offer” button on widget side generates different types of document based on status:
  • When status is “Waiting for review” document will be titled “Budget offer”;
  • When status is “Firm offer sent” document will be titled “Firm offer”;
  • When order has any other status document will become an invoice or PO/Pro forma based on company settings. All documents include VAT/Sales Tax besides PO/Pro forma document which comes with Tax excluded. Remember that PO/Pro forma title is customizable for your company.

2. Offers has ‘Expiry date’ line which shows date of offer + 14 days (this period is customizable, trade credit in days). Invoices has ‘Due date’ line instead which shows date of invoice + 14 days (this period is customizable, trade credit in days).

Updated Order Management

Beginning today, DigiFabster clients can retrieve orders that were started, but not finished. Using the new “Abandoned Carts” tab on the back-office dashboard, they can see all instances where a cart has been abandoned, see the details of each job, send a new offer to the end-user, and document the reason why the cart was abandoned (price, timing, capabilities, etc.)


As part of this update, several new features were added to improve order management:

  • Drafts — Estimators and other site administrators can now create a quote and save it as a draft, allowing them to review and update a job before converting it into an order

  • Order page — The layout of the main order page of the dashboard has now been revamped to show all aspects of each order.

  • Payment link — Each job now includes a payment link, which allows shops to quickly and easily send their clients a link they can use to pay for offline projects via credit card

  • Repeat order button — using this new feature, DigiFabster customers can “clone” orders to support a repeat order or to significantly modify an initial order

Learn more here

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