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Leads Announcement


Today we launch Leads Announcement feature, which help you always to be informed about requests for quotes from your customers. You can choose between daily or weekly reports to your email on Company page.

Polish language


Polish has been added as one of the widget's languages.

Follow up emails to end users


End users get follow up emails 15 minutes and 24 hours after they've abandoned their shopping cart (step 3). For the moment this feauture is free and can't be switched off. Updates to follow.

Mobile version of back office improved.


The mobile version of the back end has been improved, the layout of horizontal tables has been changed to vertical lists, a menu button has been added. Access to the mobile version: go to digifabster.com from your mobile phone, enter back office as usual. Navigation: menu button in top left corner will call out the usual tabs on the left side of the screen.

Demo video for End Users


To improve visitor-to-lead conversion we added a small demo video in the bottom left corner of the widget.

Color picker for FDM and other processes


On the Execution (FDM) or Post Production (other processes) tab of your material you can now choose the colors you're offering. Add a color, click the little round window and either choose from a color scale or enter directly in hex, RGB or HSL. Tip: RGB values can be easily found in programs like Paint. Details here

Batch discount


The batch discount is meant for small series production, i.e. multiple identical copies of one model. Like with the order discount, you can set several levels of discounts, depending on the number of identical copies ordered.

Order Discount


With the order discount you can set several levels of discounts, depending on the size of the order, let's say somebody orders for 500$, he gets 10%, somebody else orders for 1000$, he gets 20%, etcetera.

Client discount


For those cases when you have discount agreements with certain of your end users: go here and add the emails of those users, plus the discount percentage. You can have several instances of this type of discount, all with their own end users and discount percentage.

Material Selection Guide added.


We added a Material Selection Guide to help end-users choose the right material for their application, details here.

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